Customs broker

Systemized custome clearance and customs specialists with a broad range of knowledge make it possible to do high quarity customs clearance. We correspond the revisions of customs law and import and export regulations quickly and carry out thorough legal compliance. We make lead time shorter as possible by prompt and precise procedure at customs clearance and business contact.

Service for trade

Trade operation is needed a broad range of knowledge including customs law, customs classification, customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation, and etc. Expert staffs acquainted with trade knowledge prepare trade documentation and etc for importers and exporters. Moreover we support customers to be certified as an AEO and provide trainning seminors about trade operation, security export control, and etc.

Marine Cargo handling

We deliver a valued cargo door-to-door by transport form that customers need, such as the general, particular container ship, and break bulk vessel.
We can offer advantageous proposal with advantage of diversify of choices by being fabless company.

Air cargo handling

In addition to marine container cargo, we accept air transportation. We fully support customers’ business from urgent one to carefull one to keep quarity high.

International logistic consulting

We analyze customers’ logistics from the aspect of transit route, lot unit, inventory control, storage area/period, and usage frequency of air transportation. We keep in mind to meet the demand of ‘customer of customer’ and propose the best and comprehensive logistics with information system.