Aiming to be a 100-year brand company.

The logistics operations is one of the basic infrastructures supporting various industries. In the modern world advenced logistics network infrastructure is the system industry, how soon we reflect evolving technology information to operation is a lifeline to survive in the global logistics field.
Though we do not have hardware in logistics such as warehouses and trucks, we have a system to do customs procedure and marine cargo handling from customers’ perspective by thorough comunication with customers and close cooperation with many partners. As the company policy has it, we keep on pursuing the immense possibility and commitment to deliver packages as a group of professionals growing up with customers.
On July 31, 1947, we were established as a new company descended from the former Mitsui & Co.,Ltd. Since the establishiment, successive management has done their best for the development of trading nation Japan, having overcome many hardships.
We will turn 70th anniversary in July 2017. Based on a philosophy of respect for human nature, we practice thorough hands-on approach and ability to make reforms. And moreover, we spare no effort to achieve further growth with our customers. We aim to be an organization that shines, even if we are small.
Please invest your possibility to Sankyo that keeps on trying.

CEO   Kazuhiko Miyazaki